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 Maintenance & Inspection Life Boats (All Types) & Launching Appliances

We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and inspection services in accordance with the latest SOLAS regulations, MSC.1/Circ.1206 Rev 1, MSC.1/Circ.1277 and relevant MODU codes.

Our services include: Six-monthly and annual inspections of lifeboats, FRCs, davits, winches, and lifeboat release and retrieval systems Five-yearly overload testing of lifeboats, davits, winches, and lifeboat release and retrieval systems

Periodic Inspections

Lifeboats are undisputedly the most important maritime safety tool, placed on all sorts of ships, rigs, platforms and other marine-related structures. Periodic inspections and maintenance of Lifeboats are critical to prevent life boat accidents that cause major injuries and may even result in fatalities. New Juthi Enterprise  is a full-service provider with regulatory certification, well trained technicians and engineering support that is required to provide you complete the lifeboat services you need as per IMO 1206.

Periodic Inspections are of two types:

  • Annual Inspection
  • 5-Yearly Certification

Services for Annual and 5-yearly Inspections and Maintenance:

Well-equipped with the latest, effective load testing gear for conducting inspections on ships and offshore assetsa according SOLAS regulations IMO circ. 1206 

Experienced in complying with latest SOLAS 1206, REV.1, 1277 regulations.

Provide approved and authorized service engineers to service equipment onboard vessels and offshore installations.

Furnish an illustrative Checklist and Serviceability Certificate for verification and record of Ship-Owners and Class Surveyors

Issuance of certificates and their next required periodic inspection

Annual inspection and certification of davit systems

Annual inspection and certification of winch systems

Annual inspection and certification of lifeboats and rescue boats incl. hook release systems
Five-year inspections on the above mentioned equipment