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Life Jacket & Immersion Suits

Inspection immersion suit

Immersion suits should be inspected by the crew monthly on board, according to SOLAS III/20.7 and MCS/Cric. 1047. It is also recommended that each suit is subjected to an air pressure test such as the following, at intervals not exceeding three years and more frequently for suits over ten years of age.

As per IMO Guidelines (MSC/Circ. 1114), monthly shipboard inspections of immersion suits are not adequate enough to identify deterioration of seams and closure of these suits. Hence, in order to ensure the maintenance of adequate strength and water tightness of seams and closures of immersion suits with age, it is recommended to subject the immersion suits to an annual air pressure test.

We are certified by Classification Societies/OEMs to undertake servicing of Immersion Suits, Thermal Protective Aids, and Chemical Protective Suits. We are well-equipped with the infrastructure and technical expertise to cater to your Immersion and Chemical Suit servicing needs, at our DG Shipping and Class approved service facilities/ or on board vessels at any port of Bangladesh.

The inspections include:

  • Annual Inspection of the Immersion Suit, storage bag and Accessories

  • 3-Year Pressure Leak Test

  • Emergency Light &/or Whistle replacement, if necessary

  • Ample stock of replacement units, if necessary

Inspection inflatable lifejackets

The annual inspection of the SOLAS inflatable lifejackets, according to SOLAS III/, can be executed by our own specialist.